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Project M - Mecha Attachments

Jeff Allen
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Modeling robotic hands while trying to create an entire mech can be frustrating, especially when those details are very small compared to the rest of the model. Creating attachments to go along with the hands can add an extra layer of frustration. These attachments were created in my previous personal projects, and they will help you create mechs faster. This file was designed for 3D projects using the Project-M workflow. The Gundam Mk-V project files utilize attachments heavily, all using the Copy Transforms bone constraint to connect multiple armatures.

These attachments are within a .blend file.

24 UV unwrapped attachments, each with their own armature:

  • 1 pair of mech hands (with a procedural inner-frame)
  • 16 handheld attachments – all compatible with the included hands
  • 1 shell cockpit
  • 6 shields

Each attachment is a set of objects housed in a collection that can be appended or linked into other Blender projects. These objects are also setup as an Asset Library, but this method is not recommended since it does not carry over the collection or parenting hierarchies. Hopefully this will change in future versions of Blender. For now, the Append function is the best way to import these attachments.

Compatible with Blender 3.2 or later

These models are for non-commercial use only

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Project M - Mecha Attachments

27 ratings
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